June 2, 2016

Priestlands Student – Ben Pawson

For two weeks I have had the absolute privilege of working with Ben Pawson, a student at Priestlands School in Lymington. I have kept him busy and he has learned new applications like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and WordPress, and delivered live briefs for some of our clients.

It’s been a real pleasure to have him and he’s really picked up the baton and run with it!

I have encouraged him to work on paper before going into the Mac, so his logo ideas have been started at the pen and paper stage. He has been courteous and consistently on-time for work.

I hope we have been able to give him some true and valuable work experience, that he’s not put off and still feels inspired! It’s a big ask for any 15 year old and we feel he has been absolutely brilliant to be around. I am very impressed with his ability to pick up the design application software and work his way around it to create his ideas.