There is no truth. There is only perceived value.

Perceived value starts with GREAT logo design

How do you change the perceptions of a product considered abundant and common?

Why do customers buy from one company and not the other when it’s the same same trade? What makes one business appeal more?

Building perceived value using design

Your logo design, your website or the marketing material you print is your first port of call to building perceived value in your business. Looking good using logo design, a fast, clear up to date website, vehicle graphics, signage, advertising, copywriting, photography and social media is your first route into building value in your business. It’s also a reflection of who you are and your own values. Getting this right is imperative to attracting the right customer and indeed attracting customers full stop. Perceived value is measured by the price the public is willing to pay for goods or a service.

Clients buy from brands they can trust

And a belief that a product or service has the ability to meet their needs or expectations. Customer testimonials back up the trust a customer has in your business and brand, so it pays to ask existing clients if they could write something.

Very rarely do people buy on price alone

It is actually the last thing people think about, and quite often, if you price point, you end up loosing. Instead, use design and messaging to build value and benefits your customer will gain working with you. The design your business uses is the first introduction any new client will see before they even pick up the phone. Your website design is your shop front. If a customer believes a product is valuable, they may be more willing to pay a premium and/or experience enjoyment from purchasing or using the product. If you back up your design/logo/website with a great set of company values, you not only present the brand well, but you bring the brand to life. It all goes hand in hand, very rarely can you have one working without the other.

The psychology of perceived value

Its not just about your business, but also a reflection of how the client feels about themselves. Clients buy products that make them feel good. So, invest in your design. Perceived value is tangible.

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