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Brilliant new shop front design for the Saltwater Café, Milford on Sea

We began talking about Saltwater Café, Milford on Sea design project back in January, whilst the UK was in its Covid 2021 lockdown. Everyone was feeling a bit low and worried about business and what would happen.

Loosing my dad

Unfortunately, my wonderful father passed away in February, and although it was expected, it hit me like a bus. I don’t think you are ever prepared for loosing a parent. I miss him very day, but I know he is with me, and one day, we will be together again!

It wasn’t until another friend – (Emma Smith) pushed me to get back to work that I picked up the Saltwater Café project again. I am very grateful for that Emma as its kept me focussed and moving forward mentally. x

Ideas and designs

Ideas and designs for the fab new look Saltwater Café began.

I looked at hanging signage to lift the building from the side, and a new logo. I bounced around a few options for shells and colours. Although quite rustic inside, the client didn’t want it to look too beachy as it isn’t next to the beach. We ended up with quite a slick and simple design, incorporating a wonderful shell, in a very simple colour scheme.

The UK is open for business and so is Saltwater!

As soon as we had direction from the the UK government, that the 17th would be a national opening for cafés and pubs, restaurants and shops, we joined the queue to get things installed.

The external refit, applying the final design, cost under £200.00, and took approximately 30 minutes to install!

My design time was slightly longer, as making these big image decisions always take time to process. We started this project back in February and finally three months later, here we are, project completed.

I used JJB signs to fit the graphics to the window and hang the final hanging sign. Here is his website:

The client is delighted with the end result and it’s already had such great feedback locally. It always seems like small amounts of design tweaks won’t make a difference, but when you see it all put together, you see how much it does! Here’s to growing businesses and not going back into lockdown again!

Fiona (Kifi) was recommended to us by friends who had recently received the Kifi magic! Fiona is fun, creative, friendly and easy to work with.  She listened to what we wanted and she knew what we needed to do to promote our cafe.  She is full of ideas and is more then happy to help.
All this came together during Covid restrictions which made meeting difficult but we knew we could always ring or email Fiona with ideas and questions. We are over the moon with our new logo, which has also been made into classy window vinyls and a swing sign which hangs outside our cafe.  Our cafe now stands out to people passing by.

We’d totally recommend Kifi Creative!!

Becca and Tony