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Saltwater logo shop front design

Saltwater Café Shop Front Design

How do you entice more people into your Café? With a better shop front design of course!

Saltwater Café in Milford on Sea wanted to make some design changes to their shop front design, but didn’t know where to begin.

We started by reviewing the existing design, and looking to see where we could add value. It was clear that the exterior could stand out more, and the copper type on the front of the fascia, although beautiful, blended into the lighter grey colour behind. So, we designed some shop front design alternatives so the client could see how the shop front design could look more noticeable, and have more curb appeal. Shop front design is all about standing out from the surrounding buildings, and parked cars, etc. We began with alternative colours to sit behind the copper letters which were blending in with the original background. By painting it back, the letters really stood out, so from the other side of the road, the shop front design started to be seen very clearly, and take on a real cool café look.

Kifi Creative also designed a new logo that would work with the existing copper fascia letters, and could be used on social media, menus, leaflets etc. We decided we could put this logo in frosted vinyl on the shop front windows, to make it really stand out, and to give the café a French chic look. It has made it so much more visible from the road.

From the side, the cafe disappeared into the the building, so we lifted it with a hanging sign, that contained details of the website and telephone number. The new shop front design is now complete, and has been a real success, with the owners and customers alike.

Fiona (Kifi) was recommended to us by friends who had recently received the Kifi magic! Fiona is fun, creative, friendly and easy to work with.  She listened to what we wanted and she knew what we needed to do to promote our cafe.  She is full of ideas and is more then happy to help.
All this came together during Covid restrictions which made meeting difficult but we knew we could always ring or email Fiona with ideas and questions. We are over the moon with our new logo, which has also been made into classy window vinyls and a swing sign which hangs outside our cafe.  Our cafe now stands out to people passing by.

We’d totally recommend Kifi Creative!!

Becca and Tony

Saltwater café shop front design results

Kifi Logo Design Services: A simple, beachy logo design, to accompany the brilliant food, and rustic interior, has given this shop front design for Saltwater Café in Milford on Sea a real lift. Now, you can see this café from the road, with its new hanging sign, containing a telephone number and website details, and glorious upmarket frosted logo windows – giving it real café chic!

To go with this shop front design, we have also designed a simple website.

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Saltwater shop front design

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