Project Description

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Logo Design

Create a logo design that would be an ambassador for both the museum and art gallery instead of just the museum.

I began to investigate the story of St Barbe, identifying the history behind the name. My research showed the museum building (originally the old schoolhouse) was gifted by Anne St Barbe, to educate the less privileged children in Lymington some 100 years ago.

Artist impression

The logo design is an artist impression of the face of Anne St Barbe, using layered colour and shapes to create a piece of ‘art’ in its own right – encompassing not only the museum but the gallery part of St Barbe.

I wanted to tell the story of its heritage in the logo design.

I decided I could make this into a three-dimensional sculpture that would go on the front of the building. Although I experimented with coloured perspex; powder-coated steel became my preferred material as it was a more durable choice.

External signage

The external signage was created from steel and built out from the side of the building, following the curve of the external wall. All my design work with the logo design had to be submitted to planning for approval before any final signage to the outside of the Museum was created. The project took six months to complete.


It takes a terrific amount of ‘brave’ from a client to trust a designer to produce something different.

The new St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery logo design met the design brief with its marriage of both the art gallery and museum – the link to the original story of St Barbe, and being a piece of art in its own right.

The new logo design has given the Museum an instantly recognisable and memorable logo design with the iconic face of Anne St Barbe. Much like the Nike tick, over time, this symbol will be able to stand alone.

We’ve put a face to a name, creating a personal and relevant brand icon.

Hire me for £30 per hour

Great logo design helps your business stand out, and creates the right first impression. Great logo design helps your customers to trust you, and trust in a brand is everything.

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Business cards front
Marketing Materials
External three dimensional signage
Totum signage
External signage
Artists impression
Architectural drawings for planning approval
Layers of the logo sculpture
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